Birds of Cheney: Ring-necked Parakeet

width=Parakeet Facts

Ring-necked parakeets, also called Rose-ringed parakeets, are medium sized parrots. They are native to Africa and Asia, but have established themselves in many parts of the world. They usually eat fruit, berries, nuts, buds and seeds. They can mimic human speech and have been popular as pets since Greek and Roman times. 

Parakeet Stories

An Indonesian folk tale called "King of the Parakeets" tells of a flock of parakeets who were being trapped by hunters. The king parakeet ordered his flock to play dead, and they all escaped the cage except him. He sang beautiful songs, and his owner decided to keep him. One day, he played dead inside the cage, and his owner was very sad, and held a big funeral, and the parakeet was able to fly back to his forest.

Listen to a parakeet here