As well as our collections, we have created a number of galleries across the school site, ranging from display boards with information and striking images on different themes, to bespoke public art models, such as our robots and dragonflies

You can explore all our our galleries below.

Weird Fish Gallery

Birds of Cheney Gallery

History of Cheney Display



Roman Mural Trails

Women's Suffrage Mural

British Butterflies Mosaics

British Dragonflies Mosaics

Birds of Cheney

The Rumble Museum is running a number of projects exploring and celebrating nature on our doorstep. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be installing the seven bird display boards below, each featuring a different bird which has been sighted at Cheney. The birds each have their own pages, with birdsong, a story from myth or folktale about them, and further information. 

Please click on each poster below to visit the individual bird page.

Photographs by Peter Barker. Board text by Peter Barker and David Gimson. Board design and website text by Lorna Robinson.