Iris Festival of the Future, 25th March 2020

 We are delighted to announce the Iris Festival of the Future on 25th March, 2020.

 This will be a large community event celebrating our Future Season at the Rumble Museum, which explores a range of exciting technologies and themes, and ancient and modern ideas about the future. A full brochure can be downloaded here.

 There will be several discovery zones including: Classics and Archaeology, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, Architecture and Design, Environment, and Science Fiction. Each zone will contain activities, stalls, exhibitions, workshops, and a wide range of visiting museums with artefacts to handle and explore. There will be robot shows throughout the event, a driverless car, dance performances, and a cafe serving refreshments and hot and cold drinks.

 The event will include expert talks as well as a wide range of stalls, activities and exhibitions. Visitors will be able to follow an exciting new model Robot Trail as they  explore the site, with each discovery zone containing striking decorations, workshops, stalls,  performances and activities themed on different aspects of future technology, ancient and modern ideas, and museum learning.

The stalls, activities and exhibitions run from 3.30 until 6pm. It is free and caters for all ages. Primary and secondary school groups are warmly welcome.

The following talks will also take place throughout the afternoon and evening:

3.30 – 4.15pm – Professor Robert Winston

4.30 – 5pm – Saadia Gardezi, co-founder of Project Dastaan

5.15 – 5.45pm – Sophie Hackford, futurist

6 – 6.45pm – Mark Stevenson, futurist, author and entrepreneur

The festival itself does not require booking unless you are visiting with a school group. Talks do need to be booked, and can be done so by emailing  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.