Birds of Cheney: European Robin

Robin Facts

Robins are small songbirds. It was once thought that they were part of the thrush family, but they are now regarded as Old World Flycatchers. They are drawn to people digging, as this turns up earthworms to eat. They also eat berries, fruit and seeds. Their nests are made of moss, grass, leaves and feathers.The male robin is very territorial, and they have been known to attack their own reflections.

Robin Stories

Robins are strongly associated with Christmas, probably because Victorian postmen used to wear red jackets, and were nicknamed "robins". A British folktale explains the robin's red breast with the story that robins used to be completely brown, but a robin flew to Jesus when he was on the cross, and sang in his ear. The blood from his wounds was said to have turned all robins red-breasted from that day on.

Listen to a robin here: