Women's Suffrage Season at the Rumble Museum

This year, The Rumble Museum at Cheney is running a variety of projects, exhibitions, talks and workshops to explore the story of Women’s Suffrage in the UK and beyond.

There will be a variety of pop-up exhibitions and events throughout the year, starting with Year Eight students creating an alternative guide to the Weston Library’s Exhibition “From Sappho to Suffrage” and culminating with an all day event on 14th December to mark the first time women in England voted in a general election.

We have also produced a brand new Women's Suffrage Module built around items in our Women's Suffrage Collection, including a storybook narrated by Annie Kenney, which can be found here.

Events include a primary debating competition themed on women's suffrage and women's rights, a textiles project to create replica banners themed on women's suffrage and women's rights, a digital collection day for the community to bring in objects and stories about pioneering women in their families and communities, a 'book slam' for students to create historical fiction ideas based on the stories of the suffragists, suffragettes and other brave women, and finally, day long celebration on 14th December, with talks, workshops, stalls, storytelling, a procession and an exhibition.

You can find out more by visiting the website we have set up to document this exciting year long season of events here.