History of Medicine Collection

Our History of Medicine is divided into six different time periods, and includes original and replica items.

Each object has a voice-over by an expert, recorded as part of our History of Medicine in 30 Objects project.

The objects can be found on the first floor of the Brighouse Building, in cabinets which correspond to the names below.

In September 2020, we are excited to be launching a pilot of a new project which will use these objects to help deliver the Medicine Through Time module from Edexcel's History GCSE course. This project will initially be trialled in Year Nine classes at Cheney School (where the Rumble Museum is housed) and the Weald School. These thirty objects have been carefully selected to represented six different time periods, and course materials are being developed in order to deliver lessons which use the objects as a way to recreate the time periods and explore the past.

We are very grateful to the academics and experts who have recorded the voice-overs, and to the organisations who have supported this project so far.

Please explore our objects by clicking on the links below.