Utopia Day at the Rumble Museum

Last Monday was Utopia Day!

Students were able to take part in a wide range of activities and stalls, including an all day creative writing workshop with author of the Ink Trilogy, Alice Broadway, for Year Nines, and a range of utopia-themed stalls and activities in the Library at break, lunch and after school, as well as a community talk with Alice.

The all day workshop got off to a fascinating start with Alice explaining the premise behind the Ink Trilogy, a world where everything people do is tattooed onto their skin. Students were then invited to get into groups, where they developed their own stories about societies where people had attempted to make things better in a range of ways, and the effects these changes had on the central characters in their tales. Students were supported by Alice across the day, and finished by presenting their own storylines and premises.

The boards they had been working on were then moved to the Library after school where students, staff and visitors could explore their work! Alongside this, Year Eights and Nines ran eleven different utopia-themed stalls in the Library, with games, quizzes, book-themed displays, and more. Mostly Books were with us all day selling a mix of titles.

Well done to all who took part and shared their ideas about a better society!