Cheney Tree Trail

On Saturday 22nd May, students from the Rumble Museum Council opened their long-awaited Cheney Tree Trail.

After months of hard work, identifying all the beautiful trees on site, creating themed sections and activities, and recruiting staff and celebrities to do voice-overs, the trail was finally opened to the public. Visitors were able to collect a trail map and in each area, students were ready to tell people about the trees: their type, their uses, and their appearance in folktales, Greek myths and more. Younger visitors were able to collect a trail activity bag, with puzzles and quiz questions about the trees. In each section, there were different craft-based activities too, from mosaics in our Greek myth section, fairy doors in our 'Secrets' section, and ribbon-tying in our 'Fun Facts' section, to snowflakes in our Wintry Section, and butterfly jewellery and identification in our Butterflies section.

Cheney is home to a stunning collection of trees, from oaks, beeches, sycamore and horse chestnuts, to wild cherries, plane trees, redwoods, pines, ash, thuja, holly and crabapple. You can find out more about all these trees and listen to voice-overs on our virtual tree trail.

We are very grateful to all our visitors, and especially to our Rumble Museum Student Council, for designing the trail, running activities and sharing their knowledge of the trees on the day!