Rumble Museum

 The Rumble Museum at Cheney is spread across various areas of the school, and features original and replica artefacts from a range of eras. At the moment, our largest collection is of Greek and Roman items,  so the first thing we have developed are the displays in the classics centre. We are currently developing a central museum space and collection in the Library, which will act as a central base for the museum and connect to the various department rooms and collections which we are growing.
We have a main image for the Museum which combines the idea of hexagons - for piecing the past together and connecting different areas of learning within the school. Many of the artefacts will be displayed on hexagon-shaped display shelves around the school so the Museum areas will be instantly recognisable and striking. The bright, vibrant colours reflect The Iris Project's ethos of bringing the past to life in lively and engaging ways. We hope that Cheney staff and students, and all our visitors, will enjoy the new image, and the hexagons with artefacts as they appear around the school.